Channeling by Archangel Uriel

He says “many of you who are on this planet right now. Have a sense or feeling as if you don’t know what your purpose is and that is intentional. There is a way in which that lack of purpose and what society there deems as ‘direction’, enables you to awaken in a different way than the rest of the people who are caught up in practical, continual education and jobs and following the status quo of what they are “supposed” to do. Those who feel more open and sort of, empty because they don’t have the pull or directionality of the others, are a better vessel to be filled up with this awakening energy and to access it differently, and then disseminate that out to the rest of the people who are ready to, not necessarily that all of the people are ready to be awakened because not all of the planet is, but to the people who are on that cusp of the leading edge, who are ready to have awakening experiences, that are part of their life, like they aren’t ready to awaken fully, but they are ready to have experiences within that. And people who have that space who are willing to, it’s like a kite in the wind, being willing to let the wind take you and guide you, like sails on a ship, the sails end up causing it to go. And in the same way the people who are more open and empty, their sails can be filled in a different way than people who are full of all kinds of preconceived things that they need to or must do, and some of them have, you know karmic experiences that they are playing out, and things that they need to do in this life because they didn’t do it in their last, or because it was contracted in this life. But that’s not to say that those people are doing it wrong, or it’s problematic or anything, it’s just that in the same way that the people who don’t have that direction or the karmic commitments, they shouldn’t feel bad or that they aren’t doing it right, because they aren’t following the typical standardized operating manners of this dimension of earth. Even as I sit in this space and fill in some of the energy of Alex his head is so full of other things today and so ungrounded that this experience of me coming through, because of the energy from where I come from, it’s almost uncomfortable for him. And so, in a funny way while your concern was that you feel directionless or that you don’t have a purpose. That’s actually a big intention, and there are important people who are holding space like that. And often times when Alex can’t get into this space or can’t step further into doing this work it’s because he is caught up in the multitude of other things that are filling in the space and then there’s not enough room for my energy to enter, or other entities.



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