Guest Writers

Hi all,

So starting today we are going to being having some guest blog writers. So please check out this series. We will post their Bio along with a photo so you know who they are and where you can find them regularly!

As for bios I thought it might be a good idea to post my own, Hi it’s Alex, so that you know who I am also! 🙂

Clairvoyant, Shaman, Channeler, Soul Seer


Alex grew up as “Elizabeth” in the mountains of Colorado. Because he was born into an ultra-conservative Christian household, growing up with his spiritual gifts and being queer proved to be a challenging and fertile ground for growth. Not knowing how to explain his psychic and empathic gifts, childhood was confusing, and often he felt betrayed by his own feelings. Frequently, he was told one thing but could energetically feel and understand that something else was happening. It was a constant battle he fought simply because he intuited the underlying truth. As that small child, Alex not only dealt with the ability to read people’s energy and see their souls, he also dealt with being born biologically a female.

 After years of working to undo the bonds of the environment he grew up in, he realized he needed to find a new route to the Divine and explore beyond the reality of the gender box he felt trapped in. This transition led to choosing a gender-neutral name, “Alex,” opening up space to identify himself in a new way, and to finding eye-opening spiritual paths that finally felt true to his nature. He found new access to the Divine through the Akashic records, energy healing, and eventually shamanic work. As Alex began to do his training with his shamanic mentor, he came to know three crucial past lives that were playing pivotal roles in his current life. This life was about his journeys home; journeys home to his true self, both physically and spiritually.

 Three of the lives that he has lived, as the king of a beautiful, heart-centered non-Earth world, the chief of a great Native American nation, and as a powerful sorceress and leader, have been revealed to him through his shamanic journeys. Alex began re-collecting and reconnecting those parts of his soul’s identity, enlivening his heart, and bringing him across and through deep transformations on these journeys home to himself. His gifts and work with others as a Soul Seer is sharing these lessons he’s learned, and helping clients along their path to find their own journeys home. Using not just his gifts from these three lifetimes, but all the hundreds of lives Alex has lived before, he has the ability to hold unbounded space around any topic and to work with people of all walks of life. Furthermore, Alex uniquely understands the experience of being both masculine and feminine, creating a unique opportunity for harmony within ourselves. Alex Reegan


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