Guest Writer: Katie Mount, Psychic & Medium

One of my earliest experiences that led to an awareness of my empathic/intuitive abilities took place at the age of 4. I was at the store where my father was working for the day. I started to feel like someone was watching over my shoulder. It felt like there were hundreds of eyes on me, watching my every move. I kept feeling like I knew I was doing something wrong and was worried about getting caught. Only I was sitting on a stool behind the counter, following the rules laid out for me by my dad. I glanced to my left and saw a middle-aged man stuffing his pockets full of candy bars. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I was picking up on the energy of the man that was stealing that day in the store. Four years later at 8 years old I was sent to the post office on my bike 4-5 blocks away to pick up stamps. I was extremely reluctant to go that day, but that day changed my life forever. I got hit by a car walking my bike across the street. It knocked me out for what felt like 45 minutes. In reality it was more like 45 seconds. It was then I first experienced my spiritual team of angels. We talked about whether or not I wanted to exit this life via this accident or if I wanted to remain. They shared with me part of my purpose as a healer in the world if I stayed, but they also offered me an out if it was too much. This experience left me with a belief and faith that I was (we are) connected to something bigger than just ourselves. As the years continued I forgot my experience with my council, I forgot my life purpose and hid away from the energies I felt because they made me feel like I would never fit in. I only remember this now through a regression I had. Everything changed one day. I hit the age of 30 and the signs and messages were repetitive and relentless. I was being asked to step into my life purpose as a healer. I was getting lots of physical signs. The more I researched the meaning and symbolism I realized who was trying to contact me; it was the angels! Wonderful, kind, loving, helpful light beings who are non-denominational, and non-judgmental. We first worked on healing myself so that I could better serve those who needed assistance. I had a lot of blocks at first and had to work and focus on creating a two-way communication system with them that we all could understand. This connection has proved to be one of the most impactful things I’ve ever experienced. They have guided me, uplifted and supported me through some of the most turbulent times of my life. I am forever grateful for their care and guidance. They truly work as messengers of source energy and they have guided me to be a conduit to assist others in need. I would have never seen myself as worthy to undertake this work without their love. We are all connected, anyone can communicate with them so long as they have the desire to. Nothing is too small or inconvenient to ask for their assistance. I’ve asked for help finding parking to help with releasing old trauma. I can’t recall a single time they have not shown up when I asked them to. You can connect too. Look for the signs and have fun!

Katie has been connecting with angels and her empathic abilities since she was a very Katiesmall child. She works with many spiritual modalities. As a psychic, medical intuitive, animal communicator, life coach and spiritual counselor, she has access to a multitude of spiritual realms. She uses Holographic Healing, which removes and resolves negative thoughts and energies, repetitive and destructive patterns, trauma and past life issues, depression and addictions. She can assist you with deepening an authentic connection to yourself. She has an ever-present relationship with angels and is a certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Practitioner.

Katie’s gifts are broad and can cover whatever needs you, as the client, may have. She has a gentle spirit and a deep, abiding connection to the Divine.


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