Harmony Channeling

Harmony in the universe is an ever-sustaining force. The planets, the stars the suns, the moons, all the particles revolve in a harmony, a frequency that matches the other pitches. It’s not as if they are at the same tone but their frequencies match because of the harmony that is created. When we find harmony and those matching co-existing tones in our lives things fall into place in what humans see as coincidence, or kismet or luck even sometimes, fate, etc. but these are our intended spaces to live from within. The more we seek out spaces, places, people, life that harmonizes with our own frequency the more lucid we become in our knowledge of who we are and what we came here to do to. Many humans struggle with why they came here, what their purpose is. They seek those answers out in office buildings, classrooms, churches and temples and mosques, they ask their authority figures like doctors, and teachers and scientists and priests. But it often takes humans off on a tangential path of lack of harmony and frequencies that do not mesh and create the music of their soundtrack. Imagine in a movie if the soundtrack was all off, if during a scary part they were playing this love song, with uplifting sounds and joyfulness in each beat. Or if during a scene of joy and love they were playing a song that sounded like doom and gloom, it would confuse the whole process, it’s not that music isn’t still made it’s just it’s not necessarily the best music for the situation. And that’s what happens when humans lose that harmony, that in-sync-ness. That is your work going forward. Helping to show others how they might find their harmony. Sometimes that might even include going down to the very basic nature of finding your own rhythm and beat that is personal to you, finding your frequency, where your heart wave operates. Because only from that place can you move to the beat of your own heart wave and begin to find complementary sounds in the universe that can match yours in step. There is great beauty in this process, great understanding and clarity can come from stepping into this dance, and allowing the beat to flow through you, guide you and call you home to your soul self.

Alex picked “Sosideshotul Seer” for his title because at the center of his work what he does is “see” people at their core, soul-self. His intention is to demonstrate that vision to the client and help them recognize their ability to manifest healing, and to access their own wisdom. Sessions with Alex can encompass a multitude of modalities depending on what each person’s needs are. Some sessions might be focused more on intuitive readings and channeling information directly from Spirit, (which may include work with crystals, color, and Tarot cards.) Other sessions may focus more on shamanic journeying. The journeys begin and end with drumming, which help him enter an altered state of consciousness to access other realms and facilitate the session. He then acts as an intermediary between the human world and the spirit worlds, where he will walk you through your own shamanic journey. Shamanic journeying is effective at healing traumas and restoring balance and wholeness with the desired result being a mended soul. Our work together is to connect with Spirit Guides to make changes in the ethereal realm that foster healing in this physical reality.

Resolve the disharmony of the soul. Find your way home.

Alex Reegan
Clairvoyant, Shamanic Practitioner, Channeler, Soul Seer
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