From Accusation to Empathy

I’m taking this amazing writing class and I wanted to share my work with you this week. It is twofold. The first part of my assignment is to think of something happening in the world that is upsetting to me and write an accusation letter to the perpetrator in a stream-of-consciousness style. The second part is to find empathy and realize that the thing you accuse others of is the very thing that you’re guilty of. Below is the first part.

You spend every waking breath speaking about your precious relationship with Jesus, praying at meals, telling people that you’ll pray for them, going to church, thanking Jesus for every little thing. You talk about how pious you are, you read your bible and go to bible studies, you have prayer meetings and conferences all focused on your love of Jesus and his love for you. You talk about how he died on the cross for all man’s sins, how we are all forgiven by grace and are his precious little children. Blah, blah, blah. These words are just echoes off the walls like someone yelling in a canyon and hearing their own voice trail off in the distance. There is no real meaning behind them. They fade off into space, void of truth and realness.

You claim to know this figure named Jesus, who is your best friend and beloved and savior all at once, yet the things he taught are twisted and slid in line with your own agenda. You are constantly pushing and forcing people out of the church, out of communion with God. Telling them that they are worthless and sinners and evil, going to hell. Ironically you sound just like the Pharisees who said the same things to Jesus and the people he communed with. You speak of love and forgiveness and Jesus’s saving grace, yet you yourself know NOTHING of that which you speak. It’s not unlike the words coming out of the mouth of the teacher in the Peanuts, “wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah.” It’s nonsense, and the exact thing that Jesus taught NOT to do. Stop doing this. Stop being a Pharisee. Lay down your gavel and your judge’s robe, relinquish your need to control and banish others in the name of your one true god and instead do what he asked you to do, “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.”

Now that’s what this is really all about, isn’t it? You don’t love yourself! You don’t. You loathe yourself. You think you’re a worthless sinner, that you’ve fallen from grace and you aren’t worth saving. Your parents taught you that, and their parents before them. The church has recreated this cycle of oppression and shame for its entire existence. And you perpetuate it like those that came before you, those who chased and burned heretics in the Middle Ages, those who hung and drowned people perceived as witches. You’ll do anything to turn the focus away from your own shitty deeds, by shining the light on someone else, blaming them before someone else figures out your flaws. But that’s the opposite of what Jesus taught. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” We are not the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of others. We are that to ourselves! And that’s why you feel so shitty, that’s why you treat others like shit. Because you judge yourself, you convict yourself and then you execute all the pain and true HELL onto yourself. You don’t need someone else to do it for you. You do just fine with that yourself.

So, what can you do differently? For one, throw out the Old Testament. It’s not a mandate or true message of Christianity. It’s a historical fiction based on the plight of the Jewish people before Jesus came along. It doesn’t really apply to you, and you can’t just keep picking and choosing which verses you want to use to shame people, while cheering the exact thing another verse says NOT to do, (“and their carcasses you shall not touch, they are unclean to you” Leviticus 11:8) football on Sunday Mornings. So, stop. Close your mouth for a minute and listen. You aren’t the boss of me, or anyone else. You aren’t in charge of anyone but yourself. So, shut the hell up and get to work on fixing your own bullshit, because I can tell you this, your shit stinks just as badly as the people you hate. Next, find a way to forgive yourself. Find a way to LOVE yourself. Find a way to believe that you are worthy, you are special, you are loved, you are worth saving. Because that’s what Jesus wanted you to see. That you are worth love. You’re worth compassion. Next, find a way to actually be more like HIM, not less! Love your neighbors, feed the poor, care for the sick, welcome all, especially those that society often tosses aside. Those are his people. Remember how he said “what you do to the least of these you do unto me!” Jeez! Did you actually read his part of the book? I feel like you read some twisted version of Cliff’s Notes, and you missed some big shit. Find a way to do this. It’s imperative you do. We can’t go on like this any longer it’s a mess.

Part 2 “Confessions of Hypocrite”

Alex picked “Sosideshotul Seer” for his title because at the center of his work what he does is “see” people at their core, soul-self. His intention is to demonstrate that vision to the client and help them recognize their ability to manifest healing, and to access their own wisdom. Sessions with Alex can encompass a multitude of modalities depending on what each person’s needs are. Some sessions might be focused more on intuitive readings and channeling information directly from Spirit, (which may include work with crystals, color, and Tarot cards.) Other sessions may focus more on shamanic journeying. The journeys begin and end with drumming, which help him enter an altered state of consciousness to access other realms and facilitate the session. He then acts as an intermediary between the human world and the spirit worlds, where he will walk you through your own shamanic journey. Shamanic journeying is effective at healing traumas and restoring balance and wholeness with the desired result being a mended soul. Our work together is to connect with Spirit Guides to make changes in the ethereal realm that foster healing in this physical reality.

Resolve the disharmony of the soul. Find your way home.


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