Be Still and Know…

Fidgeting in a pew, tapping my shoes on the floor, opening the Book of Common Prayer, closing the Book of Common Prayer. Sit still. Listen. Pay attention. Were the words muttered by the adults around me. Sunday mornings like this for me and many of my fellow two to three-foot-tall humans were tedious and unceasing. Before long my mother created these bags that each of the children could take at the beginning of the service, they had coloring books or notepads, word puzzles, with crayons and the like. They were bags of entertainment for the children, but really relief for the anxious parents afraid their child was making too much noise during service. Looking back now I realize how all of us, parents and children alike, while sitting in a “house of worship” where we were being told parables and stories, quotes from the bible like “Be still and know that I am God”, the last thing we could do was be still. Let alone be still and know…know what? Know that people might be judging me for who I am, or who I choose to love? That unconditional love from that place ended up at times feeling like the biggest hypocritical phrase ever. But in my 40th year on this planet, I am finally learning to know what it means to be still, to be still and know. Now I know the what. And the how. Our lives, our jobs, our houses are filled with all the similar things like those childhood distraction bags. We run from dropping the kids at school, to the office, to a lunch meeting, pick the kids up from school, run home, cook dinner, clean, do laundry, put the kids to bed, watch a bit of House of Cards and fall asleep mid-sentence. Rinse, Wash, Repeat. Be still. My least favorite part of my house, this strict, uninviting, stiff, but beautiful grey mid-century modern couch has taught me a good lesson. In my strict repetition of my schedule, I become uninviting to the softness and calm quiet in my life, stiffened and hardened to those around me who are just as busy and frantic. But my couch teaches me to sit in the discomfort that I race away from, to embrace myself even in my fragility, and to look deeper and see my strength and sturdiness. That I am capable of holding myself up, and even others as needed. My aesthetic doesn’t always fit in with others, but it’s intentional, it’s the look I’m supposed to be going for. To sit with myself, right where I am, even in the midst of the fire, and know. Know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, help is always available, I am not alone. Neither are you.

Alex picked “Sosideshotul Seer” for his title because at the center of his work what he does is “see” people at their core, soul-self. His intention is to demonstrate that vision to the client and help them recognize their ability to manifest healing, and to access their own wisdom. Sessions with Alex can encompass a multitude of modalities depending on what each person’s needs are. Some sessions might be focused more on intuitive readings and channeling information directly from Spirit, (which may include work with crystals, color, and Tarot cards.) Other sessions may focus more on shamanic journeying. The journeys begin and end with drumming, which help him enter an altered state of consciousness to access other realms and facilitate the session. He then acts as an intermediary between the human world and the spirit worlds, where he will walk you through your own shamanic journey. Shamanic journeying is effective at healing traumas and restoring balance and wholeness with the desired result being a mended soul. Our work together is to connect with Spirit Guides to make changes in the ethereal realm that foster healing in this physical reality.

Resolve the disharmony of the soul. Find your way home.
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