Dear Beloved Distracted Self, This is What I Want to Tell You…

You have been using distraction for so much of your life to get away from things. To move beyond the outright difficult feelings. You thought those feelings would crush you, destroy you, demolish you, but they will not. I see that you have feared your strength is actually minimal and that you are truly weak, terrified that the world might see this and know the truth about you. But oh my dear beloved, you are not weak, but so strong. You have weathered so many deep pains and traumas both in this lifetime and all the hundreds of others you have lived too, but that’s part of what makes you so strong. You underestimate yourself, you always have.  And part of deciding to live from your truth, from the essence of your divine being-self, is choosing to see yourself as I do. You are beloved. Not just by me but by others there on your energetic plane of existence too and this is your opportunity to thrive within your own work around loving yourself. Everyone else’s love has always felt like it falls short because in truth, your love falls short. Your love for yourself. Can you choose to release some of the distractions that you use to fill up your time and energy with and instead bring to the forefront the deep longing and desire that you have to love yourself? Because only you can do this part of the work. No one else can do it for you – not even me. Can you love yourself and be complete and whole as YOU even when your parents sit right across from you calling you “she” and your birth name? Can you love yourself and be complete and whole as YOU even when you come up against people who act out against you or misbehave? Can you just continue to come home to yourself, within your own truth and be unafraid to be exactly who you are, where you are, when you’re there? I know that you can. I know that these distractions are all things that you think fill you up and make you feel less disconnected, but you don’t need anything to help you feel that because you are connection. Your very essence is oneness and connection with all, when people appear to create disconnection and separation, that is them demonstrating to you their own fears, and discomfort or feeling isolated, separate and alone. The reflection it mirrors back to you is that of your own feelings around those things and your desire to remember none of that is reality. It’s only the fear based thinking of the ego. So maybe next time you come up against those fear based ideas you can ask yourself —maybe this isn’t the case? Then allow your perspective to shift out of the fear and back into the love. Let’s see what happens then, my beloved. Let’s see.  


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