Guest Writer: Katie Mount, Psychic & Medium

One of my earliest experiences that led to an awareness of my empathic/intuitive abilities took place at the age of 4. I was at the store where my father was working for the day. I started to feel like someone was watching over my shoulder. It felt like there were hundreds of eyes on me, watching my every move. I kept feeling like I knew I was doing something wrong and was worried about getting caught. Only I was sitting on a stool behind the counter, following the rules laid out for me by my dad. I glanced to my left and saw a middle-aged man stuffing his pockets full of candy bars. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I was picking up on the energy of the man that was stealing that day in the store. Four years later at 8 years old I was sent to the post office on my bike 4-5 blocks away to pick up stamps. I was extremely reluctant to go that day, but that day changed my life forever. I got hit by a car walking my bike across the street. It knocked me out for what felt like 45 minutes. In reality it was more like 45 seconds. It was then I first experienced my spiritual team of angels. We talked about whether or not I wanted to exit this life via this accident or if I wanted to remain. They shared with me part of my purpose as a healer in the world if I stayed, but they also offered me an out if it was too much. This experience left me with a belief and faith that I was (we are) connected to something bigger than just ourselves. As the years continued I forgot my experience with my council, I forgot my life purpose and hid away from the energies I felt because they made me feel like I would never fit in. I only remember this now through a regression I had. Everything changed one day. I hit the age of 30 and the signs and messages were repetitive and relentless. I was being asked to step into my life purpose as a healer. I was getting lots of physical signs. The more I researched the meaning and symbolism I realized who was trying to contact me; it was the angels! Wonderful, kind, loving, helpful light beings who are non-denominational, and non-judgmental. We first worked on healing myself so that I could better serve those who needed assistance. I had a lot of blocks at first and had to work and focus on creating a two-way communication system with them that we all could understand. This connection has proved to be one of the most impactful things I’ve ever experienced. They have guided me, uplifted and supported me through some of the most turbulent times of my life. I am forever grateful for their care and guidance. They truly work as messengers of source energy and they have guided me to be a conduit to assist others in need. I would have never seen myself as worthy to undertake this work without their love. We are all connected, anyone can communicate with them so long as they have the desire to. Nothing is too small or inconvenient to ask for their assistance. I’ve asked for help finding parking to help with releasing old trauma. I can’t recall a single time they have not shown up when I asked them to. You can connect too. Look for the signs and have fun!

Katie has been connecting with angels and her empathic abilities since she was a very Katiesmall child. She works with many spiritual modalities. As a psychic, medical intuitive, animal communicator, life coach and spiritual counselor, she has access to a multitude of spiritual realms. She uses Holographic Healing, which removes and resolves negative thoughts and energies, repetitive and destructive patterns, trauma and past life issues, depression and addictions. She can assist you with deepening an authentic connection to yourself. She has an ever-present relationship with angels and is a certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Practitioner.

Katie’s gifts are broad and can cover whatever needs you, as the client, may have. She has a gentle spirit and a deep, abiding connection to the Divine.


Guest Writer: Cat Calhoun on Death, Dying, and Beyond

Hi all,

Please welcome the first guest writer of our series, Cat Calhoun.

“I see dead people…”

I was in my early 40’s before I saw them again. The traffic was flowing heavily down 7th Street in downtown Austin as I stood at the corner along with twenty-five or so other pedestrians waiting for the “Walk” sign. A young man with chin-length dark hair wearing a faded black shirt and cargo pants wove his way through the crowd without breaking his stride, somehow touching no one in the tight pack of office workers. He stepped into the street without changing his pace, though cars were still flowing at the maximum allowable speed.

“Wait!” I shouted, alarmed at his seeming oblivion. I shot my arm out, hoping to grasp his backpack and stop him, but came away with nothing but air. I winced involuntarily, waiting for the inevitable thud of body on metal, but he wove his way through the cars as if the scene was choreographed. No one honked, no tires screeched and no one slowed down, including the man in the black t-shirt.

He crossed the street without incident as I watched, dumbfounded. I turned to the suit-and-tie guy next to me and asked incredulously, “Did you see that?!” He had clearly been looking the same direction I was, and no he didn’t have a cell phone in his hand. “See what?” he asked, looking at me a little puzzled. Instead of answering, I looked across the street to see the guy in the faded black t-shirt looking back at me, grinning. He waved at me, then turned and walked right through the middle of a big light pole and disappeared.

My brain went “sizzle…..POP!” as it tried to process what had just happened and then flatly refused to think. I stood in place, unable to move, as the other office workers crossed at the Walk sign. For reasons unknown, I turned around and walked the other direction down Congress Avenue, not really sure where I was going. I turned east on 6th Street, seeing but not really noticing the sparse pedestrian traffic around me.

After a few blocks my brain apparently rebooted itself and I remember asking internally, and yet, as if I was speaking to someone, “How many of the people I am seeing here are not actually physically present?” My breath caught as no less than six people – an older couple across the street, a sad looking man in a polo shirt and jeans, a mother and a child, and a young man who looked homeless – stopped in their tracks, turned to look directly at me, and smiled. A couple of them waved. And I kinda freaked out. All I remember clearly after that is making a beeline back to my office, which was blissfully free of non-corporeal people, and hiding for the rest of the day.


I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian religion that gave a simple algebraic formula for what happens after you die. If you died as a Christian, you get a life review, get shamed for what you did wrong, go to heaven anyway, then spend the rest of eternity singing hymns and praising God. If you died a non-Christian, you get a life review, get shamed for what you did wrong, then you spend eternity being horribly tortured for what were predominantly thought crimes committed while you had a physical form.

The problem with that formula was that I knew differently even as a little kid. I used the word “again” in the first sentence of this article when I referred to seeing them for a reason. When I was three years old, my grandmother, “Ma’maw,” who was my caregiver, my best friend and my roommate, died. My grief was a deep well that seemed to have no floor. I sank further into it every day after she died until my mom and dad took me to a child psychologist who suggested that I probably wouldn’t heal until we moved out of the house we had all shared together.

Contrary to my Christian teaching, after we moved into a new house, I began to see Ma’maw and to talk with her, which I found very comforting. She wasn’t really gone, she’d just moved to another location and that location didn’t seem to include being sequestered in some kind of eternal church service. As I began to emerge from the haze of my grief I realized I wasn’t the only one affected by my grandmother’s death. My mother was also profoundly lost without her.

I found Mom crying at the kitchen table one day and saw Ma’maw standing behind her. She told me to tell my mother that everything was going to be OK, that she was watching over us, and that she was in a good place. Even though my mother’s sense of relief was instant as I relayed the message and her tears dried, she told me never to say anything like this again. Message received. My mother was comforted, but she was as freaked out as I was by Faded Black T-shirt Guy that day on Congress Avenue. I kept all communications to myself after that, though I continued to speak with my grandmother for some time.

Little children seem to be closer to wherever it is we all come from and return to than adults or even older children are. Perhaps this is why the connection to Spirit is easier for little kids, but fades for many of us as we age. Mine certainly did. Further deepening this problem is our own cultural indoctrination: only that which you experience physically and can prove through testing is real, matters of physical survival are more important than matters of energy or spirit, focus on your education and career is more important than anything else, religious authority trumps the personal experience of Spirit. These tenets are repeated unceasingly in various ways until we almost have no choice but to accept them.

Over time my connection to my grandmother seemed to fade. My ability to see her and to experience the non-physical wonder around me went dark as I pulled the hood further and further over my own eyes. Soon I could only talk with her in my dreams….until I saw the guy in the faded black t-shirt.

When Faded Black T-shirt Guy (may all the deities bless him) yanked that hood away from my vision, my world got a lot bigger. Dying is not the end, but a step to one side and the beginning of a new journey. As I began to interact with these journeyers I have learned a lot about who we are, where it is we might be going, how we get stuck from time to time on our path even after we die … and how to get unstuck.


In the next article in this series we’ll explore possessions and hauntings, a different perspective on what that is, and how to resolve those.

Death, Dying, and Beyond

A series by Cat Calhoun, Shamanic Practitioner

Cat CalhounClinic in white has been seeing dead people for more than 50 years, but that’s not her only claim to fame. She is also a licensed acupuncture practitioner, a Shamanic practitioner, and a certified Usui Reiki Master Therapist whose overwhelming passion is weaving this physical existence into the greater whole of Who We Are.








Guest Writers

Hi all,

So starting today we are going to being having some guest blog writers. So please check out this series. We will post their Bio along with a photo so you know who they are and where you can find them regularly!

As for bios I thought it might be a good idea to post my own, Hi it’s Alex, so that you know who I am also! 🙂

Clairvoyant, Shaman, Channeler, Soul Seer


Alex grew up as “Elizabeth” in the mountains of Colorado. Because he was born into an ultra-conservative Christian household, growing up with his spiritual gifts and being queer proved to be a challenging and fertile ground for growth. Not knowing how to explain his psychic and empathic gifts, childhood was confusing, and often he felt betrayed by his own feelings. Frequently, he was told one thing but could energetically feel and understand that something else was happening. It was a constant battle he fought simply because he intuited the underlying truth. As that small child, Alex not only dealt with the ability to read people’s energy and see their souls, he also dealt with being born biologically a female.

 After years of working to undo the bonds of the environment he grew up in, he realized he needed to find a new route to the Divine and explore beyond the reality of the gender box he felt trapped in. This transition led to choosing a gender-neutral name, “Alex,” opening up space to identify himself in a new way, and to finding eye-opening spiritual paths that finally felt true to his nature. He found new access to the Divine through the Akashic records, energy healing, and eventually shamanic work. As Alex began to do his training with his shamanic mentor, he came to know three crucial past lives that were playing pivotal roles in his current life. This life was about his journeys home; journeys home to his true self, both physically and spiritually.

 Three of the lives that he has lived, as the king of a beautiful, heart-centered non-Earth world, the chief of a great Native American nation, and as a powerful sorceress and leader, have been revealed to him through his shamanic journeys. Alex began re-collecting and reconnecting those parts of his soul’s identity, enlivening his heart, and bringing him across and through deep transformations on these journeys home to himself. His gifts and work with others as a Soul Seer is sharing these lessons he’s learned, and helping clients along their path to find their own journeys home. Using not just his gifts from these three lifetimes, but all the hundreds of lives Alex has lived before, he has the ability to hold unbounded space around any topic and to work with people of all walks of life. Furthermore, Alex uniquely understands the experience of being both masculine and feminine, creating a unique opportunity for harmony within ourselves. Alex Reegan

Channeling by Archangel Uriel

He says “many of you who are on this planet right now. Have a sense or feeling as if you don’t know what your purpose is and that is intentional. There is a way in which that lack of purpose and what society there deems as ‘direction’, enables you to awaken in a different way than the rest of the people who are caught up in practical, continual education and jobs and following the status quo of what they are “supposed” to do. Those who feel more open and sort of, empty because they don’t have the pull or directionality of the others, are a better vessel to be filled up with this awakening energy and to access it differently, and then disseminate that out to the rest of the people who are ready to, not necessarily that all of the people are ready to be awakened because not all of the planet is, but to the people who are on that cusp of the leading edge, who are ready to have awakening experiences, that are part of their life, like they aren’t ready to awaken fully, but they are ready to have experiences within that. And people who have that space who are willing to, it’s like a kite in the wind, being willing to let the wind take you and guide you, like sails on a ship, the sails end up causing it to go. And in the same way the people who are more open and empty, their sails can be filled in a different way than people who are full of all kinds of preconceived things that they need to or must do, and some of them have, you know karmic experiences that they are playing out, and things that they need to do in this life because they didn’t do it in their last, or because it was contracted in this life. But that’s not to say that those people are doing it wrong, or it’s problematic or anything, it’s just that in the same way that the people who don’t have that direction or the karmic commitments, they shouldn’t feel bad or that they aren’t doing it right, because they aren’t following the typical standardized operating manners of this dimension of earth. Even as I sit in this space and fill in some of the energy of Alex his head is so full of other things today and so ungrounded that this experience of me coming through, because of the energy from where I come from, it’s almost uncomfortable for him. And so, in a funny way while your concern was that you feel directionless or that you don’t have a purpose. That’s actually a big intention, and there are important people who are holding space like that. And often times when Alex can’t get into this space or can’t step further into doing this work it’s because he is caught up in the multitude of other things that are filling in the space and then there’s not enough room for my energy to enter, or other entities.


Be broken down, be remade…

We must at times be broken down, ground to bits in order to be recreated into the new object. Every thing in creation follows this format, from the natural births of living plants, animals and beings to the fabricated items that we as humans create. We are made up of bits of and pieces of other particles. We are then transformed through energy into the entities that we are now. Why is it so hard for us to grasp that we are all connected to that one same energy, that light, that source that beam that flashes through the universe shocking/imbuing energy into matter, into life. We are all pieces of that. Parts of the same matter, made from the stars, the dirt, the sun, the light, the dark. And we all return to that. We return to these fractional bits of the universe. Coexisting again with all nature/ creation. Yet we fear this transformation. We fear the shedding of our skin. We think that things can never be the same if I am not still this same person that I was yesterday. But you cannot stay the same, your cells are ever regenerating and there will even come a time when your cells will choose to no longer regenerate, a time when you will allow that energy that light source that brought you to this experience, to move onto other endeavors. It is not a mistake or something wrong, something bad that happens, it is part of the cycle of energy that is continually swirling around us. The part that creates universes and stars, and galaxies we can’t even see or fathom existing. We came here to create, based on the agreements we made long before we took that breathe in the form we are in now

– Alex Reegan