5 Quick Lessons on How to Just “Be.”

Channeling: Remember how to just be. Then remember that you are me.

Greetings loved ones, we welcome you to this place. We invite you to take it in and soak it up for a few moments. Much time has passed since you came to this specific place, many of you have not been to this place in so long. It is a place of deep inner-knowing, reserved for a stillness that many of you in this time and space and this plane of existence on Earth within that density have trouble accessing. You have so much going on in your daily lives, so much distraction, so much engagement. Sometimes you just have to be still, even from your place of discomfort, even from your place of overwhelment, and anxiety. The intensity and weight of this experience on Earth is very dense. Many of you humans grapple with that experience 24/7, there is hardly a breath that you take without it. We want to show you some ways that you can learn to take some breaths without it. The space of journeying, meditation, of yoga, of mindfulness–it’s called so many different things– there are so many different ways to access this space. Those spaces can become like a “pause” button for you to take a deeper breath, a longer breath, feeling it fill you inside all the way down to your Root Chakra. The deep exhale out. We encourage you to be mindful of the need for this place. The need for the moments of slowing down, of venturing inward into the silence, into the void, into the quiet of your heart. Much wisdom and knowledge exists there, it just can’t be heard through the drowning-out-noises of all the chaos that surrounds you on Earth unless you stop intentionally, focus intentionally, create this space intentionally.

Lesson #1: Setting out space even for 5 minutes a day to breathe quietly is better than none! 5 minutes of time can clear your energies and release blockages in your energy field that have been caught  between your Chakras. It can bring you focus and lower your blood pressure, slow your heartbeat, raise your oxygen levels as you take deeper breaths.

Lesson #2: There is no wrong or right way to do this. Each of you inside has a light house, it’s on always. It’s circling the waters in a 360-degree radius, looking to catch your eye, looking to direct you home. You just have to keep an eye out on the horizon for it.

Lesson #3: Much of what it seems like you don’t know in this world is known in “this” space. The answers to questions that are unfathomable to you as humans, the answers and truth of those spaces lie in this dimension, in this space, in the quiet.

Lesson #4: The unknown is not as scary as it seems it is. Because what is your unknown is not unknown by your higher source, by your higher self, by the Divine. There are much larger pieces at play. This is where faith comes in, where trusting that there is a wisdom, an understanding, a love that’s larger than we can imagine comes in.

Lesson #5: Be still. Be. Your instincts on this planet drive you into what you call “fight or flight,” drive you into action, going, doing, running, achieving, accomplishing, winning. Lost are the moments of just being. Being with yourself, being with your family, being still, being calm, being love, being one. When we are focused on doing there is an extraordinarily huge, monumental view of the “other.” We see everything as outside of us when we are competing, when we are accomplishing, when we are winning, when we are beating someone else. We are taking something else so someone else cannot take it from us. But when we are being, when we just are, there is oneness, there is no other. I am you and you are me.

Remember how to just be. Then remember that you are me.

Multitudes of people on that planet are seeking out this space, looking to remember who they are, where they came from, to know where they are going, to know that they are lifted up and supported and held, comforted by some understanding that they are not alone in this experience. We are calling those people. Bringing them forth.

Alex picked “Sosideshotul Seer” for his title because at the center of his work what he does is “see” people at their core, soul-self. His intention is to demonstrate that vision to the client and help them recognize their ability to manifest healing, and to access their own wisdom. Sessions with Alex can encompass a multitude of modalities depending on what each person’s needs are. Some sessions might be focused more on intuitive readings and channeling information directly from Spirit, (which may include work with crystals, color, and Tarot cards.) Other sessions may focus more on shamanic journeying. The journeys begin and end with drumming, which help him enter an altered state of consciousness to access other realms and facilitate the session. He then acts as an intermediary between the human world and the spirit worlds, where he will walk you through your own shamanic journey. Shamanic journeying is effective at healing traumas and restoring balance and wholeness with the desired result being a mended soul. Our work together is to connect with Spirit Guides to make changes in the ethereal realm that foster healing in this physical reality.

Resolve the disharmony of the soul. Find your way home.

Alex Reegan
Clairvoyant, Shamanic Practitioner, Channeler, Soul Seer
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