Be broken down, be remade…

We must at times be broken down, ground to bits in order to be recreated into the new object. Every thing in creation follows this format, from the natural births of living plants, animals and beings to the fabricated items that we as humans create. We are made up of bits of and pieces of other particles. We are then transformed through energy into the entities that we are now. Why is it so hard for us to grasp that we are all connected to that one same energy, that light, that source that beam that flashes through the universe shocking/imbuing energy into matter, into life. We are all pieces of that. Parts of the same matter, made from the stars, the dirt, the sun, the light, the dark. And we all return to that. We return to these fractional bits of the universe. Coexisting again with all nature/ creation. Yet we fear this transformation. We fear the shedding of our skin. We think that things can never be the same if I am not still this same person that I was yesterday. But you cannot stay the same, your cells are ever regenerating and there will even come a time when your cells will choose to no longer regenerate, a time when you will allow that energy that light source that brought you to this experience, to move onto other endeavors. It is not a mistake or something wrong, something bad that happens, it is part of the cycle of energy that is continually swirling around us. The part that creates universes and stars, and galaxies we can’t even see or fathom existing. We came here to create, based on the agreements we made long before we took that breathe in the form we are in now

– Alex Reegan