Shamanic Shifts Meetup Circle – Flagstaff

Hi All,

We are starting a shamanic journey group in Flagstaff starting Thursday, July 13th, 7:00pm. It’s called Shamanic Shifts. Please join us at Heart and Soul Sanctuary.

We invite you to join us to experience Shamanic Shifts first hand, to share in insights, in the mystifbook-shamaniccal, and to journey to other realms.

If you are new to shamanic journey work or you are an experienced practitioner, come explore new spiritual landscapes, connect with your own guides, discover a new sense of awakening, build community & learn spirit-filled rituals for everyday life.

Shamanism sees:
All things as connected and alive.
Everything has consciousness and spirit.
Everything is vibration.
Your inner spiritual work in these unseen realms transforming everyday reality.

Our group is a place to experience and learn about the effectiveness of shamanic work and rituals that can be used in everyday life. Sometimes we will do solo journeys (each person does their own individual journey while sitting in a group circle with Alex drumming,) other times we will do guided group journeys where Alex will lead you to a specific place or guide. Lastly, we will have special ceremonies and rituals at certain times throughout the year, full moons and holidays, like Summer and Winter Solstice and more. We would love for you to join us! This is a tremendous way to incorporate spiritual guidance and wisdom into your life and a wonderful place to build community and spiritual support.

We will meet several times a month for drum journeys, healing rituals, and other practices. Membership to this group is free, but we ask for a $10 love donation for rental space and supply coverage.

We hope you’ll join us on this adventure. Space is limited so make sure to RSVP. Feel free to bring drums, rattles, or any other small percussive hand instruments and any items you might want to place on the altar during the evening!